I had a glorious crosswalk in Kenya in 1974. I had carried the cross across West Africa from Sierra Leone all the way to the Cameroon. I then drove my Land Rover across the middle of Africa to Nairobi, Kenya. There I bought a caravan to live in and pull behind the Land Rover.

After taking the children to visit the Nairobi Game Park to see the animals we headed south toward Tanzania.

The day I planned to begin the crosswalk happened to be the day of the East African Road Race. As I came walking into the city from the outskirts, the highway was lined with people waiting for the race to start. Tens of thousands of people greeted the cross and me! I walked down the center of the blocked off road waving to the crowd and preaching as I walked. I walked all the way to where the cars were parked getting ready to start the race! What a send off for the cross in East Africa! Ha!

It seemed the Father had arranged for a glorious send off for the cross! Many came to Jesus that day!

I will never forget seeing a leopard in the distance running toward
me. It was taking giant leaps as it ran. I stopped walking and
watched it’s elegant run. It came very near to me and crossed
the highway and continued into the bush. The highway goes
directly through the Masai tribe area. These are tall people who
wear robes and carry spears. They live in round huts made of
mud and manure. They are nomadic and move from place to
place. They love the color red. However they are mostly
unfriendly to Western tourists.

When I met the first Masai warriors I gave them the red Jesus
stickers that I pass out around the world. I showed then how
they stuck on and gave them strips of stickers to give to the
other people. This was a real hit! The word spread and Masai
people came flooding to the cross for more red Jesus stickers.
At night we were welcomed to park in their villages. They even
invited us to see them dance. The men leaped high into the air.
They were welcoming to the message of Jesus and we prayed
with many to receive Jesus and the few that spoke English

My family joined me there with my children Gina, Joel, Joy and Joshua.

One day we when we were parked there was a large pack of baboons nearby. Joshua was sitting on top of the Land Rover watching them. The other children were inside and I was outside too. Suddenly the head baboon screamed and charged toward us. I grabbed Joshua and threw him into the Land Rover and I leaped inside slamming the door, just in time to miss being eaten. The huge baboon jumped on the hood of the Land Rover and tried to break in the front window. He was wild with rage. At long last they moved away and we went on.

Far in the distance was Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. It grew larger as the days passed and then I was at the border and said goodbye to the wonderful people of Kenya.

While we were in Kenya, the cross was a big stopping point for the tour buses and Christian missionaries. Seemed every missionary group was going on tour? Ha.

God bless Kenya,

Pilgrim followers of Jesus,

Arthur and Denise Blessitt
Luke 18:1