1977 – 1978

What a glorious day! We’re hot, dirty and tired but all along the Pan American Highway the people gathered to see the cross and hear about Jesus. They would crowd around the cross and kiss it. I was on a long two-year cross walk from Mexico City to South America.

Mike Ooten, a friend came from the United States to join me. He drove the SUV pulling the small trailer we lived in. It was a great blessing having him with me as we had worked together from time to time since the late 60’s.

Two old ladies hitchhiked 50 miles to see me and to have me bless them. They received Jesus and left rejoicing. I am walking through sugar plantations. As I walk along the roadside when trucks or cars pass, I must move into the bushes, thorns and grass along the roadside. The grass cuts and stings, and the
thorns prick me. What a mess to walk in. I can see a crowd ahead in a village waiting for me.

Then a bee stung me, of all places, on my lip. I am in awful pain and my lip is swelling. I arrive and am met by an anxious crowd. I try to speak in Spanish. My Spanish is so bad, especially with a swollen lip. But at least I can say Jesus.

I had freshwater shrimp for supper tonight. Just the best you can ever eat, praise the Lord!

I normally walk about twenty miles a day, however here the response has been so great I can only average about five miles a day through the entire nation. People want prayer, want us to eat with them, and loving us so much it is almost impossible to walk. The actual time of walking was about one and a half hours a day the entire trip.

The response in Guatemala was just glory, glory, glory. Wonderful people.

I normally on this trip was walking about 20 miles a day. In Guatemala I averaged much less because the response was so great. It was so powerful.

God bless Guatemala! All Glory to God. Jesus did it and accomplished His Glorious Will. Guatemala has been a very rich blessing to me!

Pilgrim followers of Jesus,

Arthur and Denise Blessitt
Luke 18:1