After carrying the cross in many of the Greek Islands we came over to the mainland to do a walk with the cross. My 13-year old son, Joshua, was walking with me. Also two very wonderful friends from Washington, DC came to spend two weeks carrying the cross with Joshua and me in Greece. Brothers, David and John Coe, arrived in Rhodes about half way through the walk here. They were in their early and mid twenties. This is one of the few times I have had people from the U.S. join us on a crosswalk. These are two special and Godly men and I felt the Lord Jesus tell me it was what should be done. We had glorious fellowship and they were good cross walkers too.

We began the walk with the cross at Corinth. This place is rich in the history of the New Testament of the Holy Bible. The Apostle Paul stayed here for about a year and a half. He started a church and taught the message of Jesus. He wrote two books of the Bible in Corinth.

We carried the cross to some of the historic places and then out on the highway toward Athens. People rushed up to talk to us. People blew their horns and waved. We were given food, coffee and drinks. The people were amazing and loving. We talked and prayed with many.

Late one evening as it was getting dark and we needed to find a place to spend the night. An elderly man was out by the road and we asked him if we could spend the night. We had our backpacks so he let us sleep in the backyard. We camped out but had no food, only one small bag of peanuts. We played cards with the winner getting to eat the entire bag! I forget who won but it was not me! Ha!

With our four man cross carrying team we completed the walk to Athens! We carried the cross up to Mars Hill where the Apostle Paul preached. We also went to the majestic Parthenon. Then we carried the cross into the center of Athens and the crowded streets filled with cars and people. I was a wonderful time of witness and we prayed with many people.

It was a very special and wonderful time with Joshua, David and John. What a future we have with such young men following Jesus.

God bless Greece and the beautiful people that welcomed the cross of Jesus.

Pilgrim followers of Jesus,

Arthur and Denise Blessitt
Luke 18:1