Since I was a little child I had heard of ‘The Rock of Gibraltar’. We say that something is as strong as the Rock of Gibraltar.

Well, I carried the cross at Gibraltar and around the Rock of Gibraltar. It was indeed a great highlight to be able to carry the cross on the small peninsula of Gibraltar, which connects to Spain. The narrow Straits of Gibraltar separate Southern Europe from North Africa.

I walked along the winding roads that come from the very southern tip of Europe into the little town filled with shops and tourists. I walked across the airport landing strip that runs right across a main highway. When an airplane is landing, the highway is closed and then after the plane passes, the road barrier is opened and you can drive your car through or walk on the road.

It was a great time of witness in this wonderful and historic little place. I prayed with several people to receive and follow Jesus and talked with many along the roads and streets. Though Spanish in history this is now an English speaking place. It is trying to remain attached to the British.

I really enjoyed my walk in Gibraltar. It was resting and refreshing.

Pilgrim followers of Jesus,

Arthur and Denise Blessitt
Luke 18:1