Galapagos Islands


About 20,000 people live on these exotic islands made famous by Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution. The islands are alive with unique plants, animals, birds and fish and some of the most wonderful people on earth!

We stayed in the largest town in the Galapagos, Puerto Ayora on
the island of Santa Cruz. From there we went out on our cross walk
trips. During 10 days not one person turned away any gospel
material or Jesus stickers. Every person I asked either prayed
with me or let me pray for them! It was just simply stunning and
glorious! They speak Spanish on the islands so God had to use
my poor Spanish in the witness and prayers. All along the main street that runs beside the waterfront are shops. The shop
attendants came out for stickers and prayers and even gave cool refreshment in the hot and humid weather.

It was simply walking a few steps, stopping and talking, then praying and repeating that over and over. Out of town the locals in cars and vans pulled over to talk and pray. The people would gather along the roadside to greet the cross. It was days of seeing almost only smiling faces. There were many tourists from around the world coming in mostly from cruise ships who were open and interested and welcoming too.

On our first day as we started out from the hotel, 2 different people prayed and gave their lives to Jesus even before we reached the street! In the center of town by the wharf there was a large arch with the face of Charles Darwin at the top looking down. We took photos of each other there holding the cross. Then just across the street I had a long talk with a man who had been following along behind for a while. He spoke English and is from the Galapagos. He told me he liked the things that Jesus said and liked Jesus but he did not believe in Jesus. His parents had been praying for him. As we talked and I prayed for him he came to believe in Jesus and was saved. He said before I left, “I feel so different, my parents will be so happy to hear this!” There at the large arch with the face of Darwin looking down a man came to know personally the Living Person of Jesus!

Another day in the same place a young boy with a little sidewalk stand in the doorway also prayed and received Jesus.

While carrying the cross in the highlands of Santa Cruz we tried to find some giant tortoises. We finally came across some in a field and took some photos. Then in that very field we had prayer with a man and his wife as they with flooding tears came to know Jesus. It was just unspeakable glory with people, the cross and nature. All glory to God!

The owner, Polo, and his wife Coque and staff at the Red Man-
grove Inn treated Denise and I so wonderfully. For the first time
ever, the Inn provided a special room just for the cross. Free!
It was so touching to see the cross cared for in such a tender
way. God bless all at the Red Mangrove Inn.

As for the splendor of the nature in the Galapagos, where do
I start and how can I make it brief? First just imagine the rocky
shore covered with red crabs crawling among sea lions laying
on the rocks. The sea is blue with changing colors and the sky
is clear. Birds are diving into the water to find fish. In the
nearby vegetation and in little crevices of rock sit Blue Footed
Boobies, birds with their bright blue feet. Frigate birds sit in the
trees nesting, while the males blow out their huge bright red
pouches. A large land Iguana crawls slowly by and in the water
you can glimpse a marine Iguana swimming with a sea turtle.
Down in the water below is an outline of a large shark. Up in
the hills are slow moving giant tortoises, some weighing hundreds of pounds. Better stop, but I think you get a feel for the

Denise and I went snorkeling with sea lions. They really seemed to enjoy putting on a real show for us. I also did do a bit of fishing just out from outside our Inn. I caught a large Albacore tuna, about 30 pounds. What a fight! The kitchen cooked it for dinner. I think it was the best fish I have ever eaten in my life.

Denise and I were tearful leaving the wonderful people on the Galapagos Islands. We left blessed, refreshed, rested and thanking God. To my amazement not one person even mentioned Charles Darwin to us. It was only all about Jesus! Hallelujah.

Pilgrim followers of Jesus,

Arthur and Denise Blessitt
Luke 18:1