Selebi-Phikwe: When I was carrying the cross in South Africa I met a wonderful pastor from Botswana. They have a very good church where they help feed the poor children, teach typing and offer various community services, as well as preach the full gospel.

The pastor, Reverend D. T. Monaheng had invited me to come and see them. I drove over to Selebi-Phikwe,a town which is a new mining town located at the edge of the Kalahari Desert.

I believe the above photos are in Botswana but they could also be in nearby South Africa. I am just not sure. It was the same crosswalk.

When I arrived at the church, there were children everywhere. Mrs. Monaheng greeted me and was so I excited that I had come but the pastor had gone evangelizing in another country for two weeks. We gathered all the children together and I preached to them and then she said, “Yesterday some people brought a paralyzed child to us from one of the villages. We prayed for the child last night. He is about twelve years old, and he has been lame in his right arm and right leg for four years. You must come and pray for him.” I took the cross down from the Land Rover and we walked through the streets. There at a house, I prayed for this boy. He had no use of his arm, but as I prayed, he was completely healed and for the first time in four years, he could bend his arm and hold a piece of bread between his fingers and eat. We walked around the yard and he used his hand perfectly.

Going back to the church, word spread and there were people waiting to be saved. I was only there for two days carrying the cross and preaching, but it was glorious.

I went through five army roadblocks where everything in the Land Rover had to be unloaded in the boiling sun and the vehicle was thoroughly searched. Some roadblocks were only a few feet from the previous one. It was pure harassment. It was thrilling however to see them unload so much gospel material. It was a real witness.

It was good to get back into South Africa where I never saw a roadblock in eight months or was ever searched coming or going, not even at the airports.

Pilgrim followers of Jesus,

Arthur and Denise Blessitt
Luke 18:1