Ardorra2I had a glorious walk with the cross in this little mountain nation between France and Spain.
My son Joel was with me. He drove the car as I carried the cross. He would drive up the highway and wait for me to arrive with the cross. We had great fellowship together.

We started the cross walk at the border of France and headed south across the country toward Spain.

As soon as I started carrying the cross people began to stop to talk. They also came out of their homes along the way. In every village the people were friendly, often crying and touching the cross with tenderness and love. I prayed with many people to receive Jesus.

I’d never had two hotels asking to give us a free stay and free food but it happened in the little town of Soldeu. It was so touching and wonderful. We had to make a choice. The name of the hotel we stayed at was The Hotel Bruxelles. I wanted to mention the wonderful hotel and people there and their kindness toward the cross, my son and me.

We carried the cross in la Vella, the capital of Andorra. The people were welcoming and friendly but not the police. Two very angry policemen came up to me and one of them was very nasty to me. They took me to the nearby police station and I left the cross at the door. After an hour and a half of nasty talking and threats they let me go. I had lost Joel. He was looking for me and I was looking for him. At long last we found each other.

I will never forget this wonderful place of beautiful people.

God bless Andorra!

Pilgrim followers of Jesus,

Arthur and Denise Blessitt

Luke 18:1