The Longest Walk! This is the 54th year of me carrying the cross around the world in every nation. 1968-2021. The Guinness World Record for the longest walk/pilgrimage. Over 43,340 miles (69,748 km) in 324 countries, island groups & territories. 86 million steps and over 19 billion pounds of total weight carried. Sharing Jesus, the cross and the gospel message. My wife Denise has driven in front with supplies and has been with me in 294 countries. I’m still walking in 2021! We are just pilgrims, donkeys lifting up the cross and Jesus. God bless you.
Arthur and Denise Blessitt
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    “Absolute Master” “Sovereign Lord” “Lord” “Master” from the Greek word “Despotes.” from which we get the word for an absolute ruler or ‘despot’. A ruler in total control. One who exercises complete unrestricted power. Our God is in total control of everything in heaven and earth. This has been on of the most important truths […]

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    Take up your cross and follow Jesus!

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  • Growing old in God’s tender loving care!

    Growing old in God’s tender loving care! I am 80 years old and have carried a 12 foot cross around the world in every nation and major island group for over 43,340 miles for the world’s longest walk/pilgrimage. I know how it feels to be old. Today we use the term ‘senior or elderly’. The […]

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