Intimacy with God and Witness to others!

I ask myself and you to consider these two points. Intimacy with God and Witness to others. God desires a close fellowship and intimacy with His human creation (you and me). God said to Moses, “I will go with you and give you rest.” Paul said, “That I may ‘know’ Him.” Jesus said, “I will be […]

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This starts my 53 Year of carrying the cross (1968-2020)

This starts my 53rd year of carrying the cross (1968-2020) 43,326 walking miles. Every nation & major island group! Jesus did it. All Glory to God. Photo: Arthur Blessitt.  January 1st 2020. Jesus did it. All glory to God. Don’t say the world is not open to the cross and message of the cross…JESUS! There […]

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Sophia Blessitt, Happy Sweet 16th Birthday! Jesus bless you.

Sophia Blessitt, Happy 16th Birthday today! You are a glorious daughter and true follower of Jesus with a great love for God, people and sharing Jesus with others. You are a powerful minister and a beautiful person, full of love, kindness and purpose. Sophia has traveled the world in 50 countries and island groups, making […]

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