“Special Cross Collection” Autographed by Arthur Blessitt


50th Year Carrying the Cross 1968-2018!
Hear, see and read about the response to the cross in every nation. 
Arthur Blessitt, aged 77 and still carrying the cross. 
Over 42, 279 miles, 83 million steps and 19 billion pounds carried.
324 countries, major island groups and territories. 
From Sunset Strip to the world. 
Jesus did it. All Glory to God!


 “Special  Cross Collection” Autographed by Arthur Blessitt
All for only $99. Including free shipping & handling.
This is ‘ONLY’ for sale to addresses in the U.S.A. 
Items NOT sold separately! 

5 Items
“The Cross, the Arthur Blessitt Story” full-length major movie DVD.
“The Cross” book. Stories and photos from around the world.
“The Cross” CD Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. Featuring songs
inspired by The Cross. 
“The Cross Museum of Arthur and Denise Blessitt”
 4 DVD’s with over 7 hours of video.
“Give Me A J” Arthur’s book on how to share Jesus with others.
Arthur Blessitt will ‘personally’ sign both books for you or your loved one.

“50th Year Carrying the Cross 1968-2018” God bless you.
Arthur Blessitt.

Buying this package will bless you and help send us on with the cross to the world.

To Jesus be all glory and praise. Worthy is the Lamb! Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.
The Cross, where the worst of man met the best of God… Jesus, and there is Hope!

Free viewing and reading from anywhere in the world that is online.

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