Overseas Crosswalk Panama

It’s been a great and glorious life. Leaving now to carry the cross on another overseas trip. Jesus is with Denise, Sophia and me. Plan to live stream some during the crosswalks. Love you all. Jesus peace & blessings. Going forward…always! Please pray for us. At 77 years old this will be tuff on my ‘ole’ […]

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The god of ‘I’ Self

The god of self: The arrogance of the human mind in trusting their perception of God and His character is greater than God’s revelation of Himself as revealed in the Holy Scripture in the Bible is astounding yet common today. Many people think their view of God, is the way God is!… Not how God is revealed […]

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The Cross, the Cross!

At the Cross, at the Cross! As I was walking a pickup stopped and a lady came running, weeping loudly. She fell to her knees holding the cross. Soon we were talking and praying. I welcome you to come to Jesus! Receive Him now! Jesus loves and cares for the broken hearted. Now you understand […]

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The Lord of Hosts!

The Lord of Hosts Used about 260 times in the O.T. and twice in the N.T. I will help you understand the meaning, the power and the glory of the Lord of Hosts that you may see the mighty works of God in your life and in our world. Hosts – From tsaba (tsaw-baw’) army, war, […]

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Arthur Blessitt on TBN TV “Praise” The Cross & interview.

“The Cross” movie and interview. Arthur Blessitt with long time dear friends Matt & Laurie Crouch. View Now! www.facebook.com/ArthurBlessittCross Watch the entire movie here:  www.youtube.com/c/Blessitt Follow the journey of the cross into every nation & major island group, openly, walking & sharing Jesus. What happens when you carry a large cross in today’s world? Watch & see! 

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Arthur on TBN TV with Matt and Laurie Crouch

TBN TV “Praise” with Matt and Laurie Crouch and Arthur Blessitt. 50th year carrying the cross! “The Message (of Jesus) is more important than my inconvenience, than my aging, than my pain” Arthur Blessitt. In photos Arthur, Denise, Sophia, Matt, Laurie. Missed the broadcast? Special Anointing time! https://www.tbn.org/programs/praise/watch/praise-214 Short clip: https://youtu.be/fQcxHK6-IwE

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